James D. Bates, DDS, MD, FACS
Board Certified Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgeon

Our Staff

Practice Manager

The Practice Manager is our team leader, responsible for overseeing all functions and activities of the practice. He supervises and coordinates all clinical and business aspects of our practice.

Scheduling Coordinator

Our receptionist serves as the Scheduling Coordinator. She is the first person our patients encounter when contacting our practice, both by telephone and in person. She provides our patients with an introductory email and associated forms, and will help coordinate all your appointments, assist you on the telephone, and greet you upon your arrival in our office. She also functions as our transcriptionist and medical records custodian, who ably creates and forwards all office correspondence and computer imaging to referring doctors and other interested parties, as well as our HIPAA compliance officer.

Treatment Coordinator

Many of our patients come to us with complex treatment needs. Our Treatment Coordinator works closely with patients, referring doctors and the other members of our team to ensure timely and efficient treatment with care and concern. She presents treatment plans and assists our patients with their insurance and financial concerns such as predetermination of benefits, preauthorization, precertification and verification. In addition, she schedules all surgery, both in our office surgical suite and at the hospital.

Reimbursement Coordinator

Because insurance reimbursement is an increasingly complex issue, our billing specialist is highly trained and experienced in coding and other reimbursement issues and will assist you in optimizing your health insurance benefits. She will work with you on all of your insurance-related issues, including filing of insurance claims and account reconciliation. Once services are performed and claims are filed, this highly skilled individual sends out statements, follows up on claims, and reconciles account collections.

Clinical Director

The Clinical Director is responsible for supervising all the clinical aspects of our practice. She is both a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) with the State of Texas, as well as a Certified Dental Anesthesia Assistant. She hold staff privileges at two local hospitals, and assists Dr. Bates in surgery both in our office surgical suite and at the hospitals.

Surgical Assistant

Our Surgical Assistant is specially trained to assist Dr. Bates with direct patient care and surgery in our office surgical suite. She is a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), and performs x-ray examinations, digital imaging, and a multitude of dental laboratory functions that allow our team to obtain predictable, high quality results in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery.